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Hi there!
I came into Stafford Animal Shelter last January to find a dog to help me with a disability. After looking at a couple of dogs, Gracie walked through the door and has been perfect ever since. She is the sweetest, best-behaved dog I have ever met, and she’s even gone to class with me and met my horse. Thank you so much for bringing us together, she has helped me get through illnesses and injuries, and I would not be doing as well without her. I’ve attached some photos of her in her new life :)
Also, she was brought into the shelter with her mom/daughter, Allie (not sure which she as but they were a pair), a brown and white Aussie/Border collie, and was adopted out before I came to the shelter. If her new family doesn’t work out in the future or she gets back to you for any reason, please let me know because I would love to adopt her too!
Thank you again, this dog is the best.
Katie Steinjann












Submitted by: Katie

Sweet Roger Rabbit

After losing my last rabbit, I wasn’t sure if I would want another one because of how attached I get and the life span of rabbits. Today I picked up Roger, funny ears and all. Right away he nestled into my neck and began making happy rabbit noises. Now he’s home and already part of our family. He’s settling into his indoor, two story, freshly carpeted hutch and already looks very content. Thank you so very much. This little guy is so sweet.

Submitted by: Angela

Jacob Finally Finds his Home!

jacob article

Santana and Puckerman

I adopted Santana (formerly Fern) in August last year. Then I adopted Puckerman (formerly Hop Sing). They get along so well each other, as well as with my barn kitten Kitty Purry! All three of my kittens are just the best of friends! So well behaved and a pleasure to have around!
Thank you Stafford Animal Shelter for all the great things you do!

Submitted by: Sierra

Dante k/n/a Thunder

We adopted Thunder last Saturday. He is wonderful! I don’t believe he had a backyard before. He’s very happy and so are we. He’s very well behaved and has bonded with both of us already. We couldn’t be more happy.

Karen and George

Submitted by: Karen