Millie (Speckles) two years later…

We recently just celebrated Millie’s (formerly Speckles) two year birthday, from the day that I had gotten her from Stafford Animal shelter. It has been with out a doubt the best two years ever! She truly is the best thing that has ever happened to me. She has come such a long way since she left the shelter! She has improved immensely with her bad habits that she originally had. And is by far the greatest, sweetist, most amazing best friend a girl could ask for. I love this girl more than anything. Thank you so much everybody at Stafford for bringing the two of us together in life. (I did attach a photo of just a few pictures of our adventures and time together from the last two years :))

Submitted by: Alyssa

Big D

I meant to do this long ago when we first got Didikai but as per life, I got busy and forgot. I recently got a inquiry from a member of the staff at Stafford Animal Shelter so I figured better late then never.
I wasn’t even looking for a new dog at the time. I already have two and was going to wait until my older lab passed to start looking for a new dog. Well an employee at work was on the Stafford web site looking for a friends lost cat and I was getting ready to tell them to get off because they were on the clock and there was Didikai. I went to the shelter immediately at lunch and fell in love with her right away. I wrote the check to hold her on the spot. I have never regretted it. She was only 11 months at the time but seemed to know there was a time o play like a puppy and a time to be calm. She is not a little dog, she was 77 lbs and able to almost put her paws on my shoulders, I am 5’10”. She loves to play but is totally content at being a couch dog too. She is wonderful with my son. He was only 7 when we got Didikai but they are like two peas in a pod.
She has been a wonderful addition to our pack. 2 1/2 years later she weights close to 100 lbs now. Still loves to play and cuddle with dad on the couch or sharing the bed. She has probably got the sweetest disposition of any dog I have ever had. I really cannot imagine our lives with out her. She has road tripped with us, she endures long car ride but has been to Washington many times and all over the west coast this past summer. She got to play in the ocean with my son and got to ride an the tram in the redwood forest. She is thee best travel dog usually resting her head on the center console so she gets to be part of the action. We love Didikai dearly and are happy she joined our pack.

Submitted by: Patrick

Cammie, the member of our family!

We adopted Cammie in April of 2015. We never had a dog before and don’t know much about dogs, but we are sure that Cammie is the sweetest and the smartest dog ever!
Cammie taught us lots of things we never knew before, from when we should give her a treat to why a shower which is not a waterfall is a ‘bad’ idea.
She loves long hikes, especially when there is a snow. (Thanks to her, we learned that hiking Baldy is not a long hike!) She likes running with her older brother, who is the only member of our family which can make her tired. As a real lady, she likes shopping and as a true Montanian she chose Home Depot and Sportsman’s Warehouse as her favorite stores . She likes meeting new people and wants to become a friend of every dog she meets. We are so happy to have her in our family, we couldn’t understand how we’ve been without her.


Perfect Match for Sissy and Chad!

I wanted to adopt a dosissy weim.jpgg and a few of my friends suggested I take a look at the dogs available at Stafford. I found Sissy on the list as I was waiting for my vacation flight and could not pass up the opportunity. I filled out the adoption paperwork minutes before boarding and received a response by the time I landed. After picking up my new companion, she has quickly settled in. I am so pleased I made the decision to adopt! She is everything I was looking for! Thank you Stafford Animal Shelter!!

Submitted by: Chad

Happy adoption for senior dog Dulcy!

Since we got Dulcy about a year ago, we wanted to pass along a happy adoption for our old lady.

I knew Dulcy was my dog the minute I met her.  She was in an outdoor kennel, waiting for attention, and when she saw me, she started barking and bouncing.  My heart immediately melted for this short lil lady.  Even though she was over 13, and would require special care and grooming, my partner and I couldn’t wait to take her home to live with us.  We know that even though the animals receive great care at the shelter, being in that environment as an old dog must have been hard on her.  Because of housing, we had to wait 2 months before I could take her home, but when we did, she fit right into our life like she had always been there.

Getting her was an adjustment for me, as I had never had dogs before.  Getting a senior dog was the best way to ease into life with dogs.  She was still excited and happy, but didn’t need the constant care that a puppy needs.  Now, a year later, it is hard to remember that she is 14 and a half.  She still bounces, wrestles her fur brother, and loves to play in the river.  Thanks in a large part to Darcy at Black Dog Rehab, she seems healthier and more mobile then ever!  We couldn’t have asked for a better dog, and we love our old girl so much.

Thanks, Mel and Chris
Dulcy - Senior Adoption - Melanie Jones Dulcy - Senior Adoption - Melanie Jones2

Me and my Ella

me and my grandma went to the animal shelter not knowing we were about to meet one of the best animals in history we went to see all the cats and sure enough Ella was in a nice kennel and she was looking at me with her beautiful eyes I fell in love with her at first sight she meowed at me and I lifted her up I stayed in that room for a whole hour to see her all the other cats hissed at her but she didn’t hiss back she was a black and white shorthaired cat and she was very calm I finally talked my grandma to adopt her when we got home she was so happy to have a home we loved each other and we still do now she has a really good cat friend named pig they live together in a barn just outside of Livingstone they are happy together and I am glad they are

Submitted by: Ember

Ozzie…My best friend

I arrived in Livingston this past spring and decided to volunteer at the Stafford shelter. I asked Amanda if they were in need of dog walkers and they were. She handed me a leash and off I went. I opened the back door and the first dog I saw was Ozzie. The biggest American Bulldog I had ever seen. Absolutely beautiful, huge head and incredibly wide chest. Brindle and white he stood with great pride had an obvious presence about him. I walked Ozzie and every dog in the shelter every week for a few weeks. I found myself being giddy when I drove to the shelter knowing not only was I helping those less fortunate, I could not wait to see Ozzie. Two weeks passed and I had been told Ozzie was about to be adopted. I had no intention of adopting any animal as I was missing my dogs back home. I fell in love with that magnificent creature and decided to adopt. Unbeknownst to me Ozzie had already chosen me to be his parent. A local family had inquired about Ozzie and wanted to adopt him. I knew Ozzie was special and decided to let the family adopt Ozzie and I would adopt another dog from the shelter. I left that day and went home and could not stop thinking about Ozzie. I called Steve and told him about my decision and he told me to think about it over night. When I woke up the next morning I could not dial the number fast enough. Ozzie was a once in a lifetime dog and I was in love. Steve already knew and saw the connection I had with this God given creature. Ozzie and I have experienced failed relationships in the past and through God we are the happiest man and dog in the world. This remarkable dog has Cowboy Ozziechanged my life in ways I only dreamt of. We attended the annual “Bark in the Park” yesterday so Ozzie could thank all the incredible volunteers and staff for their willingness to do the work they do for every animal they come in contact with. While I have had many dogs in my life, none has been more of an inspiration than Ozzie. I thank God everyday for Ozzie.

Submitted by: Michael

There is a Moose in our House!

I came to the shelter for a small dog… and left with a dane mix!! How on earth did that happen? Ogden (Formerly known as Costello) came into our lives and we certainly earned a new best friend! He has his very own couch for a doggy bed, but a dog his size needs it! We run and play all around the yard (he can out do me in energy by far, boy I wish I could bottle that and sell it!) Either way, little pup or moose, we are over the moon by our newest family member!!

Submitted by: Brittany

Bark in the Park! Sunday, Aug 23rd!

Race2014 521smBark in Park 2014 1025Bark in Park 2014 291Bark in Park 2014 635

Bark in the Park Logo Join us, Sunday August 23rd, 2015 for our summer fundraiser!

Schedule (all times are approximate based on participants)  – FREE EVENT FOR WHOLE FAMILY!

8:00 — Race Registration @ Civic Center (pre register at for a discount!)

The course rounds the Yellowstone River and through the streets of historic Livingston!

9:00 — 5K Fun Run/Walk Dogs and children (under 13) welcome free (no strollers & dogs must be

vaccinated and on non-retractable leash). Prizes will be awarded from sponsors Livingston Veterinary Hospital,

Black Dog Rehab and Murdoch’s for fastest male, fastest female, fastest teen (age 13-18) and fastest dog.

10:30— Fun, Food & Vendors Open Come ride a camel for $10 provided by Camel Discovery, have a professional photo taken by Melanie Renee Photography with a “unicorn”  (come see for yourself!), meet the rescued draft horses of United in Light. Have lunchhot dog booth by Know Thy Dog Training & Mark’s In & Out,   craft beer from Katabatic Brewing, lemonade by the Spay and Neuter Task Force, snow cones by Bozeman Tropical Sno, vegan snacks by Live and Let Livingston Vegan Potluck and much more.  Face painting, fun photo ops, doggie wading pools and of course adoptable pets!

11:00—Demonstrations by Livingston Police’s canine & equine officers and Gray Ghost K9

11:30—Cutest Costume Duo (Person and Dog)

12:00—Fastest Obstacle Course (Youth with Dog)

12:30—Pool Contests including Fastest Swimmer,   Longest Jump and Best Swimsuit (dog)

1:00—Coolest Cat in Livingston (please bring photo of cat to be displayed and voted on)

1:15—Fastest Dog in Livingston

1:30—Raffle for 4 MSU Home Football Tickets (tickets available at Shelter 1-$5 or 5-$20)

1:35—West Paw Bed & Toy Package $129 Value (tickets available at Shelter 1-$5 or 5-$20)

1:45—Shelter Dog Alumni Parade bring your Stafford pets and have them join in the parade!


Bark in Park 2014 069 BITP2013Bark_Park_2013 195-20130819 BITP2013GirlsNDogs-20130819

Love at First Sight

I adopted Nala about a year and a half ago. I fell for her the fist time I saw her photo on the website, but it took me months to come up with the adoption money and the courage to ask the landlord to change his pet policy. She was overweight and had some naughty habits like eating anything left out. A little kennel training has cured those. We’ve had some trouble with health…anal gland tumor last fall and severe allergies that we are still working on but we are happy. She is my best friend and spoiled rotten.

Submitted by: Taska