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Jacob Finally Finds his Home!

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Santana and Puckerman

I adopted Santana (formerly Fern) in August last year. Then I adopted Puckerman (formerly Hop Sing). They get along so well each other, as well as with my barn kitten Kitty Purry! All three of my kittens are just the best of friends! So well behaved and a pleasure to have around!
Thank you Stafford Animal Shelter for all the great things you do!

Submitted by: Sierra

Dante k/n/a Thunder

We adopted Thunder last Saturday. He is wonderful! I don’t believe he had a backyard before. He’s very happy and so are we. He’s very well behaved and has bonded with both of us already. We couldn’t be more happy.

Karen and George

Submitted by: Karen

Happy Ending for Flynn

The rest is “his”tory. We adopted “Scooter” half heeler, border collie mix. We renamed him Flynn and he is having a ball. He is such a good dog and has made a remarkable leap in happiness and confidence.

We recently lost our heeler of 14 years and weren’t quite ready for another dog. But you all know that story…

What a joy. Thank you Stafford Staff for all you do.

Here are some photos of Flynn on his daily walk.


Submitted by: Annie

Millie (Speckles) two years later…

We recently just celebrated Millie’s (formerly Speckles) two year birthday, from the day that I had gotten her from Stafford Animal shelter. It has been with out a doubt the best two years ever! She truly is the best thing that has ever happened to me. She has come such a long way since she left the shelter! She has improved immensely with her bad habits that she originally had. And is by far the greatest, sweetist, most amazing best friend a girl could ask for. I love this girl more than anything. Thank you so much everybody at Stafford for bringing the two of us together in life. (I did attach a photo of just a few pictures of our adventures and time together from the last two years :))

Submitted by: Alyssa