Cammie, the member of our family!

We adopted Cammie in April of 2015. We never had a dog before and don’t know much about dogs, but we are sure that Cammie is the sweetest and the smartest dog ever!
Cammie taught us lots of things we never knew before, from when we should give her a treat to why a shower which is not a waterfall is a ‘bad’ idea.
She loves long hikes, especially when there is a snow. (Thanks to her, we learned that hiking Baldy is not a long hike!) She likes running with her older brother, who is the only member of our family which can make her tired. As a real lady, she likes shopping and as a true Montanian she chose Home Depot and Sportsman’s Warehouse as her favorite stores . She likes meeting new people and wants to become a friend of every dog she meets. We are so happy to have her in our family, we couldn’t understand how we’ve been without her.