Happy adoption for senior dog Dulcy!

Since we got Dulcy about a year ago, we wanted to pass along a happy adoption for our old lady.

I knew Dulcy was my dog the minute I met her.  She was in an outdoor kennel, waiting for attention, and when she saw me, she started barking and bouncing.  My heart immediately melted for this short lil lady.  Even though she was over 13, and would require special care and grooming, my partner and I couldn’t wait to take her home to live with us.  We know that even though the animals receive great care at the shelter, being in that environment as an old dog must have been hard on her.  Because of housing, we had to wait 2 months before I could take her home, but when we did, she fit right into our life like she had always been there.

Getting her was an adjustment for me, as I had never had dogs before.  Getting a senior dog was the best way to ease into life with dogs.  She was still excited and happy, but didn’t need the constant care that a puppy needs.  Now, a year later, it is hard to remember that she is 14 and a half.  She still bounces, wrestles her fur brother, and loves to play in the river.  Thanks in a large part to Darcy at Black Dog Rehab, she seems healthier and more mobile then ever!  We couldn’t have asked for a better dog, and we love our old girl so much.

Thanks, Mel and Chris
Dulcy - Senior Adoption - Melanie Jones Dulcy - Senior Adoption - Melanie Jones2