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  • Peaches is Purring October 4, 2017Peaches is Purring
    Peaches came home with us last week and has adapted beautifully. She is getting used to her sister Puss who is a 2015 alum of Stafford. Peaches and Puss are going to be quite the pair. Thank you for all you do at Stafford. Submitted by: Lori
  • Josie April 6, 2017Josie
    Josie came home with me in May- She has been the best pup EVER! Thank you all for the work you do. Submitted by: Spring
  • The perfect match April 6, 2017The perfect match
    I’ve always wanted a guinea pig. My friend Brooke introduced me to you website. She showed me the guinea pig Turbo. His eyes caught my attention. A couple days later we were on our way to Livingston. When I got there I almost started crying happy tears. I met turbo and held him. I knew ...
  • Grace comes to our house. April 6, 2017Grace comes to our house.
    I adopted Grace on February 7, 2017. She arrived to meet Sam (Great Pyrenees), Luna (Maremma) and Purrsi (domestic shorthair) and is thriving. She is the sweetest girl and had been too long at the center without a loving forever home. She has found it. she has adapted in just one day and is purring ...
  • Gracie November 15, 2016Gracie
    Hi there! I came into Stafford Animal Shelter last January to find a dog to help me with a disability. After looking at a couple of dogs, Gracie walked through the door and has been perfect ever since. She is the sweetest, best-behaved dog I have ever met, and she’s even gone to class with me ...
  • Sweet Roger Rabbit September 8, 2016Sweet Roger Rabbit
    After losing my last rabbit, I wasn’t sure if I would want another one because of how attached I get and the life span of rabbits. Today I picked up Roger, funny ears and all. Right away he nestled into my neck and began making happy rabbit noises. Now he’s home and already part of ...
  • Jacob Finally Finds his Home! March 16, 2016Jacob Finally Finds his Home!
  • Santana and Puckerman March 16, 2016Santana and Puckerman
    I adopted Santana (formerly Fern) in August last year. Then I adopted Puckerman (formerly Hop Sing). They get along so well each other, as well as with my barn kitten Kitty Purry! All three of my kittens are just the best of friends! So well behaved and a pleasure to have around! Thank you Stafford Animal ...
  • Dante k/n/a Thunder March 16, 2016
    We adopted Thunder last Saturday. He is wonderful! I don’t believe he had a backyard before. He’s very happy and so are we. He’s very well behaved and has bonded with both of us already. We couldn’t be more happy. Karen and George Submitted by: Karen
  • Happy Ending for Flynn March 16, 2016Happy Ending for Flynn
    The rest is “his”tory. We adopted “Scooter” half heeler, border collie mix. We renamed him Flynn and he is having a ball. He is such a good dog and has made a remarkable leap in happiness and confidence. We recently lost our heeler of 14 years and weren’t quite ready for another dog. But you all ...

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