Help for New Autoclave

Help needed for a new autoclave!   What is an autoclave you ask? It’s “a strong, heated container used for chemical reactions and other processes using high pressures and temperatures, e.g., steam sterilization.”  For shelter purposes, it sterilizes our surgical instruments. In addition to onsite surgeries, we spay/neuter every single adoptable animal that leaves the premises so our autoclave sees heavy use.  Unfortunately, ours blew up (thankfully our Vet Tech Kylee wasn’t in the way) and our backup one is losing steam rendering it useless.   We found a local medical equipment company who will sell us a refurbished one for $3,000 but that is a huge hit to us at the end of the year when funds are already very thin.  We know our supporters are always asking how they can help and contributing to a new autoclave will directly help the 1,000+ animals we take in each year (and help prevent future unwanted animals too!).  You can donate directly through our website,  our Facebook link or send a check to Stafford Animal Shelter, 3 Business Park Rd. Livingston, MT 59047 and indicate “autoclave” in the memo line.  Thank you for your consideration and continued support of our animals!

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