Helpful Links

The internet is a vast wonderland of information… and misinformation. Where does one look for quality advice for their pet care and behavioral questions? Try the following: Basic care, behavioral information, and medical information for various species can be found on the ASPCA site. They also have information about nutrition, food recalls, disaster planning, and dealing with the loss of a pet. Best Friends’ site also provides a variety of behavioral and medical information for dogs, cats, and some small animals. The Denver Dumb Friends League offers behavioral advice for dogs, cats, and some small animals.> Petsmart has several informational articles for specific exotics, from African Parrots to White-line Geckos. Is your dog expecting or have you found an orphaned puppy? Start with this site. Is your cat expecting or have you found an orphaned kitten? Start with this site. Is a great little booklet about caring for senior cats.

Don’t forget- your veterinarian, trainers, and shelters are also terrific sources of information!