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About Adopting

Adoption fees are $80 for dogs, $100 for puppies, $60 for cats and $80 for kittens. Rabbits are $40, pocket pets are $10 and call for pricing on ‘exotic’ pets. Ask us about matching other regional Shelters’ cat adoption prices and other promotions – we have special reduced cat adoption fee programs for seniors, long-stays, barn cats and more! All our adoptable dogs and cats are neutered or spayed, have an i.d. chip, have received medical exams and immediate health care, core immunizations and anti-parasitic medication. We spend an average of $450 on each pet so adoption fees don’t cover care costs but rather function as a screen to assure that adopters can afford to responsibly care for their new pet.

All pets are adopted on a one-week money-back test drive basis with finalization after one week. An additional $40 vet visit deposit is required for all dogs and cats and is fully reimbursable upon documentation of a vet visit within 3 weeks. Landlord approval and dog to dog introductions (if you already have a dog) are mandatory as well.

Your adoption packet includes your new pet’s medical history, a free introductory month of pet health insurance (for cats and dogs only), dog or cat food from Science Diet and a coupon for Science Diet Pet Food, Pet Treats, Stafford Animal Shelter logo bags with pet information, informational handouts tailored to your needs, and many coupons for local pet services. We are grateful to these businesses who make it possible to offer so many free or discounted services to adopters.

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If you rent and your landlord doesn’t allow pets, click here and here to find local pet friendly housing.

We seek to make ideal, life-long matches, and work diligently to match the perfect pet for your family and lifestyle.

Meet adoptable pets Wednesday – Sunday between noon and 5 p.m. at 3 Business Park Road, East of Livingston, Mt.

Adoption Forms

Dog Adoption cat adoption form link Rabbit Adoption form link

Email completed form to: info@staffordanimalshelter.org or fax to: 406-222-8752. Or visit us Wednesday – Sunday, 12 Noon to 5 PM.
A deposit is necessary to put an animal on hold. Adoptions are on a first come, first served basis.

>3 Boulder Business Park Road, Livingston, MT. Phone 406-222-2111. Email inquiries about specific animals to: info@staffordanimalshelter.org