“Kats 4 Kids” Launched at Stafford Animal Shelter

We have started a new program at Stafford Animal Shelter in Livingston Montana called “Kats 4 Kids”.   We have so many children dealing with difficult times in our community and so many loving cats & kittens looking for best friends. Our city and state has some of the highest incidents of depression, anxiety and suicide in the United States.   Many studies have shown that having a pet helps manage depression, gives people a sense of responsibly, self-esteem & purpose. Pets provide unconditional love and companionship to those experiencing lonely times. We would like to pair our felines with children and teens to help form lifelong bonds that will enhance the health of humans and homeless pets. Stafford Animal Shelter is introducing a “Kats 4 Kids” program where we will waive the adoption fee when a child promises to “Adopt a Friend for Life”. (subject to parent’s approval). Please share and inspire adoptions & happiness. #kats4kids#staffordanimalshelter #livingstonmontana #mentalhealthmatters #adoptafriendforlife

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