July 2020 Update – Operations During COVID

In light of current developments with the COVID-19 outbreak, we wanted to assure you that we will remain available as an essential service and the only non-profit animal care facility to serve the people & pets of Park County, Sweet Grass, Meagher, Mammoth YNP and many surrounding communities.

-We are capable of responding to crisis by providing emergency boarding, a free pet food bank (24/7 in front of the shelter), a veterinary assistance program and an isolation wing.

-We will still take in stray & lost animals, rescues who are at risk for euthanasia from overcrowded shelters & under-resourced communities.  Strays can be brought in 24/7, there is a stray drop to the left of the main entrance,  lift the garage door and fill out the paperwork.  Please call police dispatch at 406-222-2050 for after hours Animal Control emergencies. If you need to reclaim your pet,  please call the shelter at 406-222-2111 or email us at info@staffordanimalshelter.org.  You can reclaim your pet daily from 8:30-5:00. 

-As always we are here for surrendered pets, which we are already seeing increase due to the economic crisis. We try to help pet owners avoid surrendering pets any way we can, but in cases where there is no alternative,  we are glad we can be there to help in their most desperate time.  They know their animals will have a safe shelter and we will find them a new family. 

-The shelter is only open to those who seriously want to adopt by appointment only.  We ask that no visitors, volunteers or inquiries stop in the building to keep our people safe so they can be here every day to care for the pets. If you have an urgent request that we can help you with, please call the shelter 406-222-2111 and/or email info@staffordanimalshelter.org.

If you are interested in adopting, (and we hope you are!) please read:

  1. Please view the pet’s profiles online and choose who you are interested in.  See all pets here: https://staffordanimalshelter.org/sas-available-pets/
  2. Print the application from our website, complete it and scan or photograph and email it to info@staffordanimalshelter.org
  3. We will review all applications,  call you for adoption counseling and to set up an appointment to meet / adopt your animal!  When you come in to adopt we require that you wear a mask and you remain in your vehicle.  We are practicing “curbside adoptions”!  (We will explain this in more detail during the counseling process).
  4.  Adoption fees are below but we are happily accepting any donation above and beyond these fees during this difficult time. 

Kittens (under 6 months) – $80.00 or “2 for 1” adoptions when adopting litter-mates.
Adult Cats (6 months to 7 years) – $50.00
Senior Cats (8+ years) – $40.00 or fee waived for senior adopters (60+)
Barn Cats – $40.00
Puppies (under 6 months) – $150
Adult Dogs (6 months to 7 years) – $100
Senior Dogs (8+ years) – $40.00 or fee waived for senior adopters (60+)
Rabbits – $40.00
Pocket Pets (guinea pigs, rats, small birds, turtles, hamsters, etc..) – $10
Exotics – (large birds, reptiles etc…) call for pricing

There is no better time to bring some sunshine into your life and adopt an animal who really needs you! And we really need you too! Our goal is to clear the shelter (#cleartheshelter) to find homes for our adoptable animals quickly so we can keep the shelter population low, help maintain the safety of our essential staff and ration our limited resources (financial and supplies).  It’s a great opportunity to welcome a new family member with lots of time to bond and get to know each other, cuddle on the couch, take long “socially distant” walks etc…plus you’ll be helping a homeless pet and a local shelter who really need your help. 

Since March March 14th when we started “Curbside Adoptions” and issued our plea for adopters,  our community has helped answer the call, THANK YOU! That’s just amazing and we are so grateful. We are going to need your continued help to get through this – monetary donations and adopters are our two biggest needs right now.

We are challenged however since we receive no funding from federal or state government and we are already seeing donor pull back. Our critical fundraising events are also in jeopardy as we had to cancel small fundraisers and postpone our biggest annual fundraiser, Fur Ball.  Bark in the Park is scheduled for August 30th, but it will be virtual this year. We are remaining fluid as national guidelines transpire so stay tuned for more info on upcoming events. 

Sheltering is a 24/7 operation and thank goodness it is…these animals depend on us…and we depend on you!   We will get through this together. 



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