Ozzie…My best friend

I arrived in Livingston this past spring and decided to volunteer at the Stafford shelter. I asked Amanda if they were in need of dog walkers and they were. She handed me a leash and off I went. I opened the back door and the first dog I saw was Ozzie. The biggest American Bulldog I had ever seen. Absolutely beautiful, huge head and incredibly wide chest. Brindle and white he stood with great pride had an obvious presence about him. I walked Ozzie and every dog in the shelter every week for a few weeks. I found myself being giddy when I drove to the shelter knowing not only was I helping those less fortunate, I could not wait to see Ozzie. Two weeks passed and I had been told Ozzie was about to be adopted. I had no intention of adopting any animal as I was missing my dogs back home. I fell in love with that magnificent creature and decided to adopt. Unbeknownst to me Ozzie had already chosen me to be his parent. A local family had inquired about Ozzie and wanted to adopt him. I knew Ozzie was special and decided to let the family adopt Ozzie and I would adopt another dog from the shelter. I left that day and went home and could not stop thinking about Ozzie. I called Steve and told him about my decision and he told me to think about it over night. When I woke up the next morning I could not dial the number fast enough. Ozzie was a once in a lifetime dog and I was in love. Steve already knew and saw the connection I had with this God given creature. Ozzie and I have experienced failed relationships in the past and through God we are the happiest man and dog in the world. This remarkable dog has Cowboy Ozziechanged my life in ways I only dreamt of. We attended the annual “Bark in the Park” yesterday so Ozzie could thank all the incredible volunteers and staff for their willingness to do the work they do for every animal they come in contact with. While I have had many dogs in my life, none has been more of an inspiration than Ozzie. I thank God everyday for Ozzie.

Submitted by: Michael

3 thoughts on “Ozzie…My best friend”

  1. We could not be more happy for Mike and Ozzie -it’s a perfect match! Thank you for the wonderful update, it’s inspiring to see Ozzie in his forever home. You’ll always be a part of the Stafford family!

    1. This is a very heartwarming article. It is wonderful to see Michael so happy again and with a wonderful dog. Michael has always created an amazing bond with his dogs so it is no wonder that Ozzie chose him. Looks like they both chose well and God is looking over them both.

  2. I had the pleasure of meeting Mike and Ozzie a few weeks ago at the local dog park. Ozzie was much larger than most of the other dogs but he proved himself to be a perfect gentleman. The best of luck to both of you.

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