Running Fur a Paws

Long-standing and generous supporter, Pam McCutcheon of Small Dog Realty, will be running auser_photo-54286fb03da7b half marathon on November 16th and is doing a Crowdrise fundraiser for Stafford Animal Shelter. Pam not only gives a portion of her real estate sales to local animal shelter and rescue groups but also does a variety of fundraisers for pets and the groups who care for them year round! She is also an education advocate for pragmatic animal care solutions that get to the heart of animal suffering issues (like the importance of spay/neuter to minimize unwanted pets and adopting pets instead of supporting unhealthy puppy mills). Please consider making a donation to the Crowdrise fundraiser through December 14th (great year-end tax deduction!) to honor Pam’s year round dedication to animal advocacy – your gift will go directly to the care of abandoned, unwanted and abused pets served by Stafford Animal Shelter. Thanks for caring! Here’s the link.

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