Shelter Broken Into

breakin2Between 6 pm on Thursday February 5, 2015 and 8 am Friday, February 6 Stafford Animal Shelter was broken into by person/persons unknown. They pried open a kennel and forced a dog door to get in; all entry points have now been triple reinforced and will be nearly impossible to breach. While we are happy to report that no animals were hurt, we are very sad that someone chose to target a nonprofit serving pets. Stafford Animal Shelter keeps no cash, other than a few coins in a donation box, nor veterinary medications on the premises. While unhurt, the pets in the Shelter were traumatized and still exhibiting stress the next morning and a great deal of destruction was wrecked on the Shelter.

Stafford Animal Shelter was closed Friday, February 6th while the police breakin1investigated and the destruction was cleaned up. The Shelter will be OPEN for business again during normal business hours Saturday the 7th at noon.

Anyone with any information that may shed light on the crime is encouraged to contact the Park County Sheriff’s Office at 406/222-2050. The animals that experienced the break in are unable to shed light on the perpetrators. “There are forty eye witnesses but nobody’s talking,” says Executive Director Steve Leach referring to the Shelter pets we wish could tell us who the culprit was.

As Stafford Animal Shelter is in an isolated, nonresidential area we have been broken into three times before and would like to invest in a surveillance system to help prevent, and to prosecute, future crimes at the Shelter. Donors may make a note on any donation they would like to go to this fund. Checks may be mailed to 3 Business Park Road, Livingston, MT 59047 and secure online donations can be made at

Stafford Animal Shelter thanks our wonderfully supportive, caring community and appreciates the public’s understanding in our temporary closure.

Thanks to our friends in the media, the Livingston Enterprise and Bozeman Daily Chronicle, for helping get the word out  and our many friends in the community who have expressed their concern and made donations to the Surveillance System Fund.

Follow up article in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle and KZBK Channel 7.


9 thoughts on “Shelter Broken Into”

  1. I would like to volunteer to help clean up, or do what ever is needed to get you back in shape.

    1. We really appreciate the offer- thank you! It looks like we’ve gotten things under control, though.

  2. Dang it! I am so sorry about this! I was wanting to come down and check out the dogs and hopefully adopt one~ I will wait patiently. I am disgusted that someone would do this. If you do need anything, even supplies just let us know!

  3. Just a thought–Most iPads can be tracked or traced can yours? It may help lead you to the criminals.

  4. I just heard the news today about the break in. It boggles the mind. I can come in extra time this coming week to help in any other way you may need.

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