Donating your time changes lives, yours included!

Have a great time and get that warm, fuzzy feeling while helping animals in need. From assisting with events to gardening to walking dogs, we have something to suit everyone’s talents. Youth, families, and seniors are welcome; minors need to be accompanied by an adult at all times for safety reasons.  No children under 18 may volunteer with the dogs. (puppies are only exceptions).   We have a Dog Walker / Cat Cuddler program Wed-Sun from noon to 4:30.  You can stop in with a copy of your ID, fill out a short form and spend a 1/2 hour walking a dog or petting a cat.  We reserve the right to reschedule you for another day if we are short on staff or if the animals have appointments.  Contact the Director of Operations & Outreach at if you are interested in a group volunteer project. Due to the size of our shelter,  we limit the number of group visits per month and the age of the participants. In order to do more dog socialization, outreach events, “off campus” hikes & runs or volunteer for events or third-party fundraise on our behalf, please contact

Student Community Service: Students who need community service hours to graduate are welcome to volunteer at the Shelter. Please make arrangments with  In order to receive credit for these hours, volunteers must sign in each time they visit.

Have Fun While Making Animals’ Lives Better

Dog Walker: Help dogs get the physical and mental exercise they need by taking them for walks, playing fetch, or just spending some quiet one-on-one time with them in our family room or play yard.

Georgia.jpgCat Cuddler: Help ease cats’ stress by giving them a lap to lay on or someone to play with. Cats of all ages need physical and mental stimulation to stay healthy and playing with kittens is always fun!  Donations of fishing pole toys, food puzzles & catnip toys always appreciated.

Project Happiness: Learn to help animals to cope with being sheltered and to get adopted more quickly. We ask that interested folks have at least 10 hours of experience volunteering with us and are able to commit one hour per week for at least three months. One additional training session is required with our Animal Care Supervisor. Please contact if you are interested in spending scheduled time with our pets.

Foster Folks: Fosters of all kinds are needed, such as those who are willing to bottle feed ’round the clock, provide extra attention and exercise for stressed animals, or help an animal through recovery from extensive medical care. Foster must be willing to adhere to strict guidelines to ensure the health of their fosters and their own pets. To apply,  please print out application & email the completed app to

3rd Party Fundraising We think it’s great that you’d like to fundraise for our deserving animals!  In order to use our name / logo or represent us for donations,  please contact our Director of Operations & Outreach for application and approval.  406-222-1313.

All Talents Welcome

Special Events: Volunteers are always needed to help with our annual fundraisers Fur Ball and Bark in the Park.

Odds ‘n’ Ends: Assistance is always welcome with various chores like folding laundry, cleaning windows, or crafting items like raised dog beds.

Outdoor Maintenance: Enjoy the weather while creating a pleasant environment by weeding, gardening, shoveling snow, or showing off other skills you may have.

The More, the Merrier

RSVP: Bring comfort and companionship to animals in need while reaping the physical and emotional benefits of their unconditional love. We are fortunate to have many dedicated volunteers from the Retired Senior Volunteer Program and always welcome more.

Youth: Guys-with-rakes.jpgWe welcome older youth groups and want to encourage philanthropy among the next generation. If you would like to volunteer with your group, email for more information. Due to the size of our shelter,  we limit the number of group visits per month and the age of the participants.

Spay/Neuter Project: Although this is not part of Stafford Animal Shelter’s services,  we do work closely with the Park County Spay/Neuter Task Force. Help is always welcome at spay and neuter clinics to get pet owners signed in, be with animals during their recovery, and coordinate events. If you are interested in volunteering, call Mary Beebe at 406-222-2134