Well Traveled Paco

I adopted Paco (aka Kendall) nearly a year ago. Paco, 1/2 Chihuahua 1/2 Minature Pincher, was rescued by Stafford staff from a kill shelter in Los Angeles, CA along with a group of other small dogs. My 16 year old Border Collie, Blue, crossed over the previous autumn of 2013. I was not quite ready for another dog, as I was still missing Blue terribly. I happened to see Paco’s picture on the shelter website for about 30 seconds and I just knew he was the buddy for me. The dog section was closed down due to bordetella and I was afraid he would have been adopted before I could apply for him. Luckily we were meant to be together as soon as we met.

Paco has been a lifeline to me as I was diagnosed with depression shortly before he came home with me. He is my reason to get up every day (he wakes me with pawing and licking). With additional treatment, I have been getting in a better frame of mind. For health reasons and because we became homeless in October 2014, our family moved us to Florida. We have found a duplex to live in and are much happier now that we have a home again.

Paco goes everywhere with me: to church (he waits in the garden), grocery shopping, various stores and just exploring around town. I have a tricycle he has learned to run alongside and when he gets tired, he rides in the basket. Paco is a great little ice-breaker for meeting people as he is very outgoing and a cheerful little guy. He does not know the definition of shy or nervous. I am getting more social because of him and plan to become involved with a couple of community organizations as we settle into our new home. I look forward to many happy years with my little guy.

Submitted by: Lois Anne