Our Mission

Stafford Animal Shelter facilitates adoptions and reunions, minimizes pet overpopulation, and provides animal care education to the community.

Stafford Animal Shelter is there for you when your pet is lost, you’re ready to adopt a friend for life, or have animal behavior questions. The only nonprofit animal care facility in Park County, we serve the people and pets of the greater Southwestern Montana community as the only Shelter in the region that accepts all lost or unwanted pets; not just dogs and cats. Adopt a pet today – it’s Karma you can cuddle!
<Shelter alumni photographs by Yvonne Venturino.

Thanks to our Supporters

A Peppy Little Guy

PeppyPeppy lives up to his name! He’s an active, smart little guy who knows his manners- including basic commands- and gets along with all kinds of people and other animals. He’s outgrown those naughty puppy behaviors and still has plenty of life ahead of him. Peppy is looking for a new best friend to spend his life with- will that person be you? See other available pets here.