6/14/2022 – Unfortunately Stafford Animal Shelter was destroyed by the Yellowstone Flood.  The shelter is closed until further notice.  Please contact our closest shelter partner Heart of the Valley in Bozeman if you need assistance with your pets.  If you have found a stray or are looking for a stray,  please call non-emergency dispatch 406-222-2050 or Animal Control 406-223-2197.   We highly suggest posting on “Bozeman Lost Pets” Facebook group and “This is Really Livingston” as well as other yardsale / classified groups when looking to reunite pets.  Please try and be a good neighbor during this difficult time and hold on to the pet as long as you can,  most responsible pet owners immediately are looking for their pet and are reunited within 24 hours.  The kennels at the shelter are unsafe for animals and there is no staff on site to care for or check them.  Please do NOT leave animals in kennels!  For the time being,  we do not have the ability to accept any in-kind donations.  If you would like to help us now,  please donate via our website.  We cannot take phone calls right now either,  please email us if you’d like to contact us.  (info@staffordanimalshelter.org or see staff directory).  We will post updates on our rebuilding on our Facebook & Instagram Pages.  Thank you all for your support and words of encouragement during this very difficult time.  

Please note: There is a fee to reclaim lost pets. These are set by the city and county and are not under the control of or kept by Stafford Animal Shelter. Pets found in the city are $15 for the first day, $10 for each day after. Animals in the county are $16.00 per day. You will need to show a photo id when reclaiming your pet. We are available 7 days a week for strays & reclaims.

lost and found

Click here to print out our “Lost Animal Report” – Please email it to info@staffordanimalshelter.org or drop it off at the shelter with a photo of your lost pet. Facebook/Social Media messages are not accessible by Animal Care Staff and are not checked as frequently,  please email the report for faster results.

Why it’s important to act right away:

A stray left at the shelter after three (3) days is evaluated for adoption. Adoptions are final. New adopters of unclaimed strays will not be contacted to return a pet if the original owner shows up later. Once your pet has been missing overnight, call the shelter as soon as possible. We are a small staffed facility taking care of many pets and community members. We make every effort to contact you if your pet is at the shelter and we post all strays on our “Lost & Found” link above,  but it is your responsibility to come look for your pet at the shelter in person. 

We hope your pet is safe and sound with us. If they are, there are reclaimation fees set by the City or County, depending on who brought them in from their at-large situation. The Shelter does not assess or keep the fees and receive only a percentage based on contracts. The City fee is $15 for the first day and $10 for each day after for boarding. If your pet was loose in the County, the Fee is $16.50 a day for dogs, $14.00 for cats. You can reclaim your pets 7 days a week from 9:00 to 5:00.

Due to nationwide cases of misidentification, requirements have changed and the reclamation process will now include copying your photo identification. Thanks for helping us be more efficient in reuniting pets with their families!

If you have lost an animal, please follow these steps:

    1. Call the shelter at (406) 222-2111 to report that your pet is missing. You can also email us a description, photo, and your contact information at info@staffordanimalshelter.org. If it’s after hours, please call Livingston Police dispatch at 222-2050. Don’t wait a few days to see if the pet shows up first. After 3 days at the shelter, the animal becomes the property of  Stafford Animal Shelter and will be evaluated for adoption.
    1. Go to the shelter (Daily from 9:00 to 5:00 PM) and look at all the animals. It isn’t always possible to confirm a pet’s identity over the phone. Please tell staff that you’ve lost a pet; sick or injured strays might be at an off-site veterinary clinic. If we don’t have your pet, fill out a lost pet report. Bring us a picture of your pet. We will notify you as soon as anyone calls or brings in any possible match. After your initial visit, visit the shelter two to three times a week to look at all the strays received. Be patient and don’t give up!
    1. Get a LOST PET ad in the paper. The Livingston Enterprise: (406) 222-2000
    1. Post pictures of your pet at convenience stores, on telephone poles, and in grocery stores near the location where your animal was lost. Check with us twice a week if your pet is still missing. We keep lost pets on our active list for 3 months or longer if requested.
      And remember, you can always call us at the shelter for further assistance: (406) 222-2111.
      Please notify us when your pet is found.
  1. Use Social Media by posting a photo of your lost pet onto area lost pet pages, community wide sites.  For local lost pets we recommend “Bozeman Lost Pets”, “This is Really Livingston”, Craigslist, Yard Sale / Classifieds etc..

To prevent losing pets:

Check for any escape routes if your animal is in a fenced enclosure. Make sure the dog has “busy toys” if you are gone for any length of time and that he gets sufficient time and exercise with you. We have names of wonderful trainers who can help you.

Every pet should wear an I.D. tag with your current information. These can be purchased at the Shelter for only $5 or animal supply retailers. Consider having your pet microchipped at your vet. Micro chips are not harmful to the animal and serve as a permanent I.D. All stray animals at the shelter are scanned for microchips. Remember to keep your contact information current with the microchip company- let them know every time that you move or change your phone number.