Stray Animals

Cats can wear collars, too!
Cats can wear id tags, too!

Now that the weather is warmer, we are seeing an influx of stray animals coming to the shelter. We would like to remind everyone to call us ASAP after you discover that your pet has gone missing at 406/222-2111. Photos on our Facebook page or emailed to us at are very helpful as people describe animals differently.

Don’t assume that your pet has not lost their collar and wait for us to call you. Even if we have seen your pet before, please call us. After five days in our custody, the animal becomes ours and is evaluated for adoption. All adoptions are final and we will not ask the adopters to return your pet.

Be aware that injured animals may be offsite at a veterinary clinic or the finder may have offered to foster them until an owner is located- when you call us, we can put you in touch with those parties.

When reclaiming an animal, be aware that there are fees and that these are set by the city or county and are not under our control.

Please put identification on your pets (dogs AND cats) and make sure that your microchip contact information is current. We have no way of reaching out to people without this information. Id tags on pets often lead to reunions without the animal having to come to the shelter, as the finder can just call you directly.

Have a fun and safe summer!


2 thoughts on “Stray Animals”

  1. hi iam looking for advice. for the last few weeks there seems to be a abandoned stray cat near a main road. she walks up and down the lane constantly and is very thin and is consistently drooling. shes very loving and isnt vicious at all which is why we assume she has been left. we have been putting food out and water milk etc bit she seems to not gain much weight. my parent’s can not take her in as they have two large dogs. I already have 2cats in my rented accommodation. I would have her but cannot afford spaying and inactivations. im scared she will be too loving towards unkind people as she goes uo to anyone I believe she would be homed quickly as she is so beautiful and fussy.. ive tries all local vets none now her she is not chipped and wont take her in witjout charging me. ive tried rspca and had no joy… PLEASE can you help it breaks my heart when I have to leave her. and im afraid she will get hit hurt or something is wrong. many thanks Eleanor

    1. Hi Eleanor,

      It sounds like this kitty is in need of some medical attention. Drooling is usually a sign that a trip to the vet is needed. I understand that you may not be able to afford that, so what about bringing her to the shelter? If you are in Livingston, we would be happy to take her. If not, try looking for rescue groups online. You can also check Craigslist and the local papers to see if anyone has posted a missing ad. Likewise, you can post found ads in these places. If you would like to keep her, there may be some kind of assistance program in your area. You mentioned the RSPCA; are there other groups?

      In the meantime, if you would like to keep feeding her, try kitten food as it has more calories and protein in it and skip the milk- many cats are lactose intolerant and milk gives them tummy trouble. Be careful about leaving the food out, however, as you may attract other neighborhood animals and even wildlife!

      Good luck!

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